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Today we're going to look at this anonymously asked question, "Do appositives always need punctuation?" with the help of our friends from Ghostbusters.

Do appositives always need punctuation? )
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This question came to us with a specific example, wondering about the correct punctuation in this sentence: The eleven-inch wand, the one made of ash[,] shot out a stream of sparks.

Let's start by identifying "the one made of ash" as an appositive phrase. Our Grammar 101: Prepositions & Phrases article defines an appositive as "a noun or pronoun, often with modifiers, that renames or identifies another noun or pronoun within a sentence."

Punctuating Appositives with help from Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer )
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[ profile] mha_chan wants to know: What are dangling participles, modifiers, etc.?

In short, dangling modifiers (sometimes called misplaced modifiers) are a type of grammatical error that can make your sentences unclear, misleading, or downright silly to the reader. Dangling participles are a subset of dangling modifiers.

Let's find out more about what they are and how to avoid them, with some help from the students and staff at Hogwarts. )


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