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For this week's Say What? adventure, we're going to look at a couple of seemingly biblically-inspired sayings, with the help of our friends over at Once Upon a Time.

All this and heaven, too.

Finding appropriate research on this saying is difficult, to say the least. I found a couple of references to the 1797 novel An account of the life and death of Mr. Philip Henry, minister of the gospel near Whitchurch in Shropshire, who died June 24, 1696, in the sixty fifth year of his age ; with Dr. Bates's dedication by Matthew Henry as the source of the quote, but little else. Despite this lack of information, the implication behind this saying is that you can enjoy the good things in life as if you're living in Heaven. In other words, appreciate the good things that come into your life.
Emma glances around as she and Henry make their way to Granny's. "No villains or nasty monsters in almost a month, and the sun's finally gotten rid of all the snow? We're pretty lucky, kid, to have all this and heaven, too."

The devil looks after his own

We could assume that this comes from the Bible, but per the Right Words website, this proverb may actually be an old saying out of Italian folkore. The idea of this proverb is that often people are rewarded when they don't deserve it, often with the implication that they'll be punished in Hell.
Dr. Whale intently studies Regina as she walks outside of Granny's. "The only thing I have to say about her is that the devil looks after his own."

Leroy stares at him. "She's just finally having a good streak of luck, brother. Besides, you're not even religious, so what's the devil got to do with it?"



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