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While many of us were taught in school, at least those of us of a certain age, that a sentence should never be ended with a preposition, that's probably a philosophy that has carried over from Latin grammar and isn't really suited for modern English usage. There are certainly times when you shouldn't use a preposition at the end of a sentence, for example when the preposition is extraneous, but Oxford Dictionaries has a nice little blog that includes a primer on prepositions and how they can be used that should help you avoid mistakes.

Of course, in the specific example used in the cartoon above, I think I'd be convicting the defendant as well. :-)

11/2/17 18:46 (UTC)
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I'm a grammar fanatic, but this particular one just doesn't work. I've had more than one heated exchange with a fellow grammar fanatic about this (I also teach ESL, so I know all about how different languages have different grammar!).



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